Our Company

i-TUBE.ECO Enterprises, also known as i-TUBE, is a Sole Proprietor business , duly operating under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines, Registered on August 20, 2013 with the Department of Trade and Industry under Registration Number 02147791. i-TUBE is utilizing the power of leveraging through direct selling and network marketing strategy for its products distribution system that creates generous sales payout system to its productive members. i-TUBE is engaged in marketing and trading of revolutionary products that helps to improve the quality of fuel and quality of electricity to enhance system efficiency that can help reduce fuel consumption and electricity consumption, these products are eco-friendly, it can reduce more than 60% vehicle carbon emission based on actual testing of different testing centers. i-TUBE also markets other high quality health products and personal consumable products that improves human well-being. All our i-TUBE products are charged with the latest Advanced Breakthrough Bio-information ( Bio-i) Technology. Bio-information is the smallest matter , it is present in every space in the universe, occupying every space of every atom. Bio-information is a substance that fills the space between molecules and it fills gaps between nucleus and electron shell of atom. Bio-i information serves as atom enhancer, hereby increasing the potency and effectivity of the products, and at the same time minimized possible toxicity. Bio-information Technology is the fastest and safest way to enhance every parts of our body and every health products that are now in the market without chemical alterations. The products which have been charged with Bio-information are even safer than its original state and have longer shelf life. Bio-i Technology is the future of all health products and services, it can improve and enhance all health materials we know and it can enhance our business as well.

i-TUBE was created to bring satisfaction guarantee to customers while maintaining being a pro- distributor company. I-TUBE was founded by Mr. Albert C. Isidro , seasoned Network Marketer and Entrepreneur.

There is a bright future for i-TUBE and its Distributors. Be one of the PIONEER of safe and scientific means of improving wellness.

With i-TUBE and with the help of Bio-information Technology, “Whatever product that is good or excellent, we can make it better”.